«My natural pool was suffering from a serious algae problem that I couldn't manage with my built-in filter system. Thanks to BIOSTAR® and the excellent advice from my dealer, I was able to tackle the problem head on. Only a few additives were needed to achieve clear water. This environmentally friendly solution has completely convinced me.»




Algae are part of the natural environment of a pond and are simple plants that are part of the food chain in the pond. However, they can become a problem if there are too many of them. Different types of algae, including green algae, filamentous algae and blue-green algae, can occur in the pond and differ in appearance and behavior. The causes of algae growth are related to the nutrient supply or lack of oxygen, caused by excessive fish stocking, incorrect food or inadequate pond management. Through a thorough analysis, we were able to target these problems with BIOSTAR® Algesan G and solve them biologically.